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Respect in Health Care for Autistic Adults

Helping adults to navigate the health care system as well as communicate and advocate for high-quality care in collaboration with their clinical providers.

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Easy access to essential health information

We've developed a toolkit that connects to important health resources relevant to all stages of adulthood

Make important health decisions easier

Our Autism Health Care Toolkit supports caregivers and advocates in exploring vetted and actionable information around important health needs for autistic adults.

Explore the Toolkit

Training for providers

Advocates and caregivers can share with existing providers Harvard Medical School’s latest clinician course that’s geared toward educating health providers on supporting autistic adults.

Support for all transitions

Help for autistic adults and caregivers across the lifespan

Explore and engage with health resources that support adults transitioning through ages and stages of life.

Manageable moments

Understanding and improving the adult health care experience

Finding the people and places that meet each person's needs

Care Transitions

What's an Autism-Competent Office?

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Caregiver Guidance

Family Support and Wraparound Services

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Communication Strategies

Patient Navigators

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Asian male doctor looking at his laptop during a telehealth visit and smiling
Communication Strategies

Successful Telehealth Appointments

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words matter

The Language of Autism

We understand that how we talk about autism matters. Our intent is always to incorporate language that is accessible, inclusive, and reflective of the priorities of the autistic community.

Let us explain


Dr. Tim Buie on the important role caregivers play on the medical team

The clinician-caregiver partnership is vital to successful health care experiences.

Empowering advice on caregivers and patients as experts.

More from Dr. Buie on digestive issues

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